1. This site is of no affilitation with the Cleveland Browns organization or the
message board at clevelandbrowns.com

2. This site is purely for fun, *no prizes of any kind will be awarded. Your winning
is bragging rights until the next season.

3. Anyone found to try to hack, tamper, circumvent, or manipulate any part of this
site or scripts will be banned.

Scoring will be based on the 5 point system used in previous years.
5 points per week for most correct picks, and 4,3,2,1,0 accordingly.

NEW 2012 = Total Score of the last game of the week is worth BONUS pts.
        Exact pick of score = +2 pts
        +/- 1pt pick of score = +1 pts

Season runs through week 17 of the regular season. If there is a tie for 1st place after 17 weeks, the tied participants will continue their picks into the playoffs.
If the Superbowl should be reached before a clear winner is decided, then the remaining participants will make their final Superbowl picks on dawgtalkers.com in the 'Fantasy & Gaming' section, where they will list their pick and the total combined score, the participant that picks the correct Superbowl winner and the closest total combined score, without going over wins.
No 2 participants are allowed to pick the same score, the first poster will get their pick, anyone that repeats a score
must change it before kickoff for the Superbowl or their score will not count.
Enjoy and have fun.